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Dear Valued Customer


NuPay has been made aware of selected banks handling the date adjustment rule differently from the rules that have been published around this matter. Your actions will be required to prevent reversability (disputability) of transactions.

As you know transactions processed for action date on a Saturday, Sunday or Public holiday are being moved back to the prior working day by NuPay in the system on your behalf as per the below communication previously sent out.

1. If the payday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we will roll it back on your behalf to the Friday prior to the Saturday.
2. If the payday falls on a public holiday, we will roll it back to the prior business day (only Mondays to Fridays) that is not a public holiday.
2.1. If the day before this holiday is either a Saturday or a Sunday, or a public holiday (i.e., Easter) then we will roll it back to the prior business day that is not a holiday, in this example the Thursday.
3. If you move a transaction on a date change to a holiday or weekend day, then we will apply the old DebiCheck rule of roll forward for 6-day processors and leave for 7-day processors.

Please note the emphasis in point 3. Below is what we have been informed of for each of the Debtor banks (consumer banks), and their handling of the processing of disputes.

Nedbank have confirmed that they are allowing the move of a transaction to a Saturday before the Sunday or Public holiday, but not to a Friday unless the Saturday is also a public holiday.
a) Sunday 26 November can be moved to Saturday 25th November, but if the transaction is moved to Friday 24th November their system will allow a reversal of the transaction.
b) Sunday 17 December can be moved back to Thursday 14 December due to Saturday and Friday being public holidays.

Standard bank as debtor bank (consumer banks) have confirmed that they will deploy the minus day rule (old AEDO Weekend -1) on 12 November. Transactions moved back to the prior business day as per point 1 and 2 above will be reversable before this implementation is done.

Capitec’s lead regulatory payment services team has confirmed that the moves as set out here from 1 to 3 are all valid.

Absa ; We have tested against our own accounts and Absa refuses disputes on transactions moved to the Friday. Their application of the rule is therefore in line with ours in the points listed.

FNB ; We do not have confirmation of how FNB are handling the rule although some businesses have informed us that they only allow a move to Saturdays.

As a result of the above challenges we request that you decide how you want to manage your transactions. Point 3 in the example above explains that you may move a transaction to a Saturday which will then, in the case of Nedbank, ensure that the transaction will not be reversable.

We will continue communications on this topic over the next few weeks as we are informed of changes in the industry.

Please contact your Account Manager or our Contact Centre on 010 060 4444 should you require any further clarification regarding this matter.

Kind Regards
The Altron FinTech Management