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NuPay NAEDO (Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order) is a unique web-based non-authenticated early debit order system,
which provides the facility whereby a merchant can process a debit order instruction to debit a 3rd party’s account.
Instructions are submitted for processing early morning with multiple presentations over a user defined tracking period against accounts.

The merchant can select an account tracking period for a set number of days after the initial due date for the presentation of the debit order instruction.
This will result in multiple presentations of the debit order to the account until sufficient funds are available
to complete the transaction successfully or until the tracking period lapses.
Debit order instructions are captured via the NuPay website or can be integrated directly
with your current administrative software, and managed from any location in the world.

The merchant can edit or cancel the debit order instruction via the NuPay website up to one day before the transaction due date,
thus ensuring transaction success. Users can choose to process transactions directly through NuPay
on our NAC offering or directly to Absa Bank via a BI code.